Canvas series comes from a desire for certain shapes to
come into existence, filing a gap between what is there
and what is missing.  

Canvases start as non-representational objects, they
appear to be blank.  They are not attached to a certain
idea or an image.  However, as soon as Canvases are
seen, they are shaped by viewer’s experience and
perception.  Their identity is assigned by the viewer.  They
could be shapes of dance forms, music sheets,
regularities and exceptions found in language, thoughts
bending and moving.  Their representation is not pre-
determined, in order to open it up in the viewer.  
Canvases become something only after being seen, and
unless these ideas are shared, they only exist in the
viewer’s mind.

When more time goes by Canvases will contain layers
and layers of thoughts and ideas, none of which are in
any way directly attached to the piece, thus providing a
clean slate for a new viewer.
Canvas 1
19 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
Photo: Jennifer Morgan
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