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July 9 - October 9, 2011

Heaven and Earth III: Cycles of Return
Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Point Shilshole Beach & Carkeek Park
organized by
Center on Contemporary Art (COCA)
Curated by David Francis

Site D: (Interactive) Canvases
porcelain, steel wire

Events: come join me for a mid-morning observation, interaction, and
conversation during one or all of the low tides:
9, 9-11am: 0.39 feet low tide
10, 10-12pm: 0.79 feet low tide
11, 10-1pm: 1.23 feet low tide                     

6413 Seaview Ave NW
(behind COCA Gallery)
Seattle, Washington
*enter the beach through a small passageway between the fence and CoCA's

This project was supported, in part, by an award from

(Interactive) Canvases is an outdoor installation of blank white canvas-like
forms of fired porcelain where viewers are invited to participate in the art
making process, altering clay canvases by drawing or painting on them.
Nature plays an even more important role in the alteration process, since all
work is displayed in the marine environment, thus exposed to natural
elements of tide, algae growth, and barnacles. Nature thus controls what is
left of the artwork, whether anything remains or is washed away. Potentially
there could be layers upon layers of work created on top of one another, with
residues of all remaining.
(Interactive) Canvases are visible during low tide and completely immersed in
water during high tide.

Tide schedule

I invite all viewers to explore the work and alter the surfaces of canvases.

Seattleite article by Josh Potter, August 2, 2011:
Culture Dose:
(Interactive) Canvases