Language Builds
porcelain, glaze, vinyl
15' x 17' x 3'
Photo: Richard Nicol
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Language Builds explores the idea of building
blocks of language, which are all connected
forming a cohesive set. Every aspect of
language: logical form, syntax with its underlying
and surface forms, as well as phonology, all
come together as part of one entity to form a
complete structure of language. The different
viewing angles of the piece suggest forms of
memory trace, connecting one component to the
next, even when only part of the installation is
visible. The nearly identical cubes represent that
which is common among languages, while the
altered ones are a metaphor for the individuality
that our own form of language takes.

Language Builds was installed on the first floor
of the Bellevue Arts Museum. The piece cannot
be seen in its entirety from any one angle – the
viewer has to move around the wall to grasp its
full composition.  Each angle presents a new
viewing point that contributes to one’s perception
of the entire piece. The pieces visible from the
museum entry are orange, and those on the
atrium side are green. There is a total of 33
pieces: 11 on each side of the wall: on the front
side, on the back, as well as on top.  Each piece
is linked to two other pieces, forming a triangle of
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